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"Every parent or grandparent with a fallen-away child needs RETURN." 
- Bishop Robert Barron
What Catholic leaders are saying about RETURN...
RETURN  will serve as a true game changer for despairing parents everywhere. Every parent or grandparent with a fallen-away child needs RETURN.”
— Bishop Robert Barron
Founder of Word on Fire and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
“Everywhere I go I meet parents who are troubled because their children no longer practice the faith. Finally, here is a practical guide to doing something about that.”
—  Matthew Kelly
Bestselling author and founder of
Dynamic Catholic
RETURN  is the resource that parents of fallen-away children have been waiting for. It's like a bootcamp for spiritual warriors who are about to go out on a great search-and-rescue mission.”
—  Jennifer Fulwiler
Radio host and author of
“Something Other Than God”
“Brandon Vogt understands the dynamics behind people who leave and gives wise, sound counsel. RETURN is for every father or mother of prodigal children.”
—  Fr. Mitch Pacwa
EWTN Television and Radio host
RETURN: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church
What others are saying
about RETURN...
Inside this FREE book, you'll learn...
  • Top 7 Reasons People Leave the Church - Large surveys of thousands of inactive Catholics reveal the main reasons why they've drifted away.
  • What Former-Catholics Believe Now - Your child has drifted away, but what does he believe now? Whether he's Evangelical, non-denominational, atheist, or has no religious preference, you'll understand each belief system and how to engage it.
  • 5 Big Myths About Fallen-Away Catholics - If you believe any of these myths, you'll make little progress in drawing your child back.
  • 5 Ways to Ensure Your Child Does NOT Return - Common mistakes that many parents make which push their children even further away from God. You need to avoid these.
  • Why You Should STOP Pushing Your Adult Child to Attend Mass - Learn why this doesn't work and what you should do instead!
  • How to Pray More Effectively for Your Child- Specific tips on how to amplify your intercession.
  • Quick Ways to Learn the Faith - The better you know your own faith, the more confident you'll be when discussing it with your child.
  • The Most Effective Books, DVDs, and CDs to Give Your Child - Which resources have led to the most reversions? You'll find out here and learn the best ways to give them to your child.
  • The Secrets to Fruitful Dialogue - These proven strategies will ensure that your child opens up and talks with you about God and the Church.
  • 20+ Biggest Objections to Catholicism (And How to Respond!) - Discover the most common personal, moral, and theological objections to the Catholic faith...and how to answer them. Whether your child thinks "Mass is too boring," or the Church's position on homosexuality or divorce is deplorable, or that "Catholics don't focus enough on Jesus," you'll learn exactly how to respond.
  • How to Close the Loop - What to do after your child has expressed interest in returning. You'll learn the "next steps" for any situation.
  • Plus MUCH, Much More - This is only a sampling of what you'll learn....
The complete guide to help your child rediscover his faith...
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